Operation Manager

Location: 15 Tran Cao Van district 1

Job Type: Full time

Job Purpose:

To drive the vision of the Academy through strategic planning, operational management, motivational leadership of team and teachers to generate admissions and reach if not surpass business KPIs. To create operational & training procedures & policies for staff and teachers while handling the day to day operational duties of all classes and events from VCVAA.

Job Description:

  • To handle day to day operational task of VCVAA following Vision & Strategy by Managing Diretor, to oversee, motivate and manage entire staff of Admissions, Academic Programs, Marketing and Teachers.
  • To write, edit and create VCVAA Operations & Training Manual for Staff & Teachers for upcoming VCVAA Teacher Training Program and VCVAA center expansions into other cities.
  • To create and lead all VCVAA Academy specific Operations and HR Policies & Procedures meetings and training sessions for staff & teachers.
  • To work with Enpointe HR to lead on recruitment for all Academy staff and teachers and assist Managing Director to create teacher and staff salary schemes and promotions plan for the Academy.
  • To lead and manage Teachers training, work scheduling, payments, contracts for our Teachers Training Program and provide support to Teachers.
  • To implement and track all staff OKRs and KPIs given by Managing Director, to monitor and adapt plans to achieve these KPIS as necessary. To manage all staff to help them achieve their goals through regular performance management, team meetings and one on one meetings, to address and manage underperformance.
  • To manage and mediate emotional disputes, miscommunication, complaints between staff, teachers, students & parents and track all employee schedules, overtime and days off.
  • To execute Managing Director’s annual Business Objectives Plan and work with finance manager to come up with solutions, schemes, plans and strategies to lead the admissions, programs and marketing team to reach if not exceed their KPIS per term and year.
  • To deliver all activity within the agreed budget set by the Managing Director & Board. To oversee and manage budgets related to Admissions, Courses, Administration and Marketing to help achieve the admissions revenue each term.
  • To represent VCVAA together with Managing Director or individually to clients, businesses, schools, partners and Embassy Education and Enpointe Management. To followup and execute all business signings, contracts with all clients and lead on cross promotional partners deals and oversee sales and partnership decks and presentation under guidance of Managing Director.
  • To actively build professional community relationships in the visual arts industry, KOLS, influencers, children’s education and corporate communities, companies to achieve successful partnerships.
  • To be highly detailed and professional to serve as the key representative of Academy with polite etiquette and mannerisms in handling new contacts and business contacts introduced by Managing Director and Enpointe Management in all emails, contracts, messages,phone calls and in person meetings.
  • To be super passionate, dedicated to grow and expand VCVAA according to the vision set by Managing Director and be a long term leader and manager in the expansion of VCVAA nationwide.

Job Requirements:

  • Have 3-4 yrs management experience in Education, Academic Schools, Arts School is a bonus.
  • Have 3-4 years experience in education.
  • Must be flexible evenings and weekends.
  • Must be willing to work 2 Saturdays a month.
  • Must possess excellent emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Must work well under stress and pressure.
  • Must be highly attentive to details and well organized
  • Must be punctual on time and have excellent time management and work organizational skills to be highly responsible to bring the teamt o the financial targets of the yea.
  • Must have high verbal and written communication skills in English and Vietnamese.
  • Must have excellent LEADERSHIP skill and ability to handle difficult emotional scenarios.
  • Must take role seriously and be responsible to bring the team to hit the financial admissions targets of each term.

Technical Skill and Competencies:

  • Degree in Sales/Operations/Management
  • Great/High Level  in Management Programs Software, CRM,
  • Great/High Level in Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Experienced in communicating with high senior level in both English & Vietnamese