Center Supervisor

Location: 214 - 216 Pasteur

Job Type: Full time

 Welcome new customers at the Centers and answer/consult courses through phones or through emails.
 Provide efficiently course information and arrange meeting sessions, experience sessions and classes for parents and students.
 Supervise student recruitment and customer services.
 Maintain good relationship with existing customers and build new student and parent profiles for potential students in the centers.
 Serves as a key liason with the center’s customers and partners such as schools, educational organizations.
 Coordinate with relevant departments to solve problem immediately if any.
 Work very closely with the team to achieve the KPIs.
 In charge of the entire operational activities, teaching team and operation staffs.
 Collaborate with teaching team and operation staffs to ensure the best educational environment for students and parents.
 Ensure staffs are scheduled and trained to support all hours and duties for smooth operation at Centers.
 Monitor purchases and expenditures for the Centers.
 Maintain and upgrade database systems/procedures for all operations tasks at the Centers.
 Provide financial and academic reports to the Director.
 Collaborate with other departments to organize and supervise occasional events or loyal customer event or workshop at the Centers.
 Contribute to the development of localized marketing strategies to promote Kindermusik.
 A strong background in Sales and Operation with at least 3 years of experiences in educational industry.
 Bachelor Degree preferably in Business, Marketing, Commerce.
 Excellent written and spoken English.
 Customer service orientation; multi-taking skills.
 Critical thinking and problem solving.
 Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities.
 Elegant attitude, good communication skills, enthusiasm for work.
 Being supportive to the team and willing to work beyond the requirement/expectation.