Marketing/Project Executive

Location: 21 Pham Ngoc Thach

Job Type: Full time


  1. Position: Marketing/Project Executive
  2. Role purpose: The Marketing/Project Executive works closely with internal project stakeholders of Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (SPYO), Dance, Music and Publishing throughout campaigns (60% Marketing, 40% event / project management) to increase awareness, interests and purchase intention of VIA Education’s services. She/He coordinates and collaborates with VIA Education and Embassy Education’s internal and external resources to optimize brand’s influence and impact, and therefore drives leads and new customer conversion.
  • Job responsibilities:
  1. Marketing responsibilities (60%): These responsibilities may include, but not exclusively, the following tasks:
    • Reporting to the Marketing Manager to align on integrated marketing strategies, priorities and promotional activities.
    • Working under the supervision of the Marketing Manager to execute the fixed marketing plan of different campaigns, including but not limited to content developing, taking detailed briefs and arranging other logistics arrangement.
    • Overseeing the new brand implementation and disseminating information to VIA Education’s stakeholders and clients
  1. Events/Project Management responsibilities (40%) – These responsibilities may include, but not exclusively, the following tasks:
  • Assisting Dance & Music Project Managers in all matters related to logistical arrangements for meetings, workshops; music and dance exams and other ad-hoc events
  • Working under the management of the General Director to execute the operation plan for all SPYO concerts and activities throughout the year.
  • Executing and coordinating large-scale offline key events with agencies and local vendor partners.
  • Coordinating all operational and administrative functions to ensure specific projects are delivered efficiently.
  • Measuring and reporting performance of all event/marketing campaigns and assessing against goals (ROI and KPI).
  1. Requirements:
  • Minimum 1 – 2-year hands-on experience in Education or 3 years in relevant fields with strong project planning and execution background;
  • Understanding of digital marketing concepts and best practices;
  • Skilled in project management;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • A dedicated team player with ability to work independently;