Sale Manager

Location: 212 Ly Chinh Thang

Job Type: Full time


  • To increase companies’ revenue and brand impact and visibility in Vietnam through sales and partnerships.
  • Build, create and maintain a long-term partnership and plan between our companies and clients.
  • To be able to seek both opportunities for commercial (revenue driven) and also non-commercial (brand building) partnership opportunities of mutual benefit.
  • To serve as a liaison/account servicing between our companies and potential clients, with a focus on client satisfaction. Job duties will include origination of ideas; conceptualization, contract negotiation, execution.
  • To propose initiating ideas, concepts and securing collaborations/ partnerships (commercial or non commercial) with clients, agencies and partners.
  • Work closely with CEO to devise and implement the company’s sales strategy.
  • Plan and execute plans to achieve revenue targets for the company and setting key performance indicators.
  • Build relationships with prospective customers in related working field, as Media, Agency, Brand, Production House, Post House.
  • Develop & maintain knowledge of market trends, competition and customers. Stay up-to-date on industry best practices, standards and benchmarks through industry publications, newsletters, attending seminars or events and via individual or group training.
  • Partner with marketing and business intelligence teams to understand sale team’s account base to identify trends and patterns within specific industries.
  • Implementing an effective sales pipeline and lead tracking process.



  • Previous experience working as a sales manager ideally for similar organizations.
  • Need to have a strong knowledge and insight about the local market place and its competitors, and communicating with brand’s target markets.
  • Senior position preferably in one agency/ company with a wide network of customers and connection to brands and companies, or in a big corporate brand in a similar role for at least 3-5 years. Well connected with brands, corporations and similar, related industries.
  • Great at sales and networking skills. Be able to create sales and or marketing literature like product presentations or informational brochures for pitch to clients.
  • In-depth understanding of the company’s brand and positioning, its current products and future vision.
  • Budget-management skills and proficiency.
  • Presentable and well versed (written and spoken) in both Vietnamese and English.