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Bringing The Best Of The East And The West Together, to mold and foster an appreciation of the arts from grassroots to industry, and in doing so, pushing The Limits Of Human Expression.”

"Your passport to the Arts”. Soul Live Project is a world-class cultural & arts hub, community center and event venue in HCMC, powered by Amberstone Media. We curate, implement and support a vibrant selection of programs and artists that contribute to the development of Vietnam’s arts community. Anyone who is interested in or loves the performing arts can hold the SLP Passport to experience a myriad of different art forms. Soul Live Project offers the community the opportunity to travel the world of arts.

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RENAISSANCE COLLECTION is a distributor of the world’s leading musical instrument brands coming from Blüthner, Bösendorfer & Yamaha – providing a variety of instrument models and designs for Education, Luxury Lifestyle and Professionals.
At Renaissance Collection, we hope every individual to freely express themselves through gaining access to the finest musical experience.
Let music empower.

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SCBC Vietnam was born with an aim to build a sustainable, community-oriented company that creates cutural art pieces that mix between culture, tradition and cintemporary art,inspiring Vietnamses art lovers and reaching out internaltionally.
SCBC's vision is to become an international standard dance company with a deep and modern cutural spirit.

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Established in 2017, LYRICÍST Dance Company is the leader in providing high level, internationally recognized, dance services including dance education programs and artistic dance performances. LYRICÍST has conceptualized, choreographed and performed for artist, television programs, concerts and shows. LYRICÍST became the first Vietnamese champions of an internationally renown competition called Super 24 ASEAN Dance Championships 2019. Understanding the importance of arts, LYRICIST have curated dance programs to bring proper dance training and international standards so through creativity and movement, individuals can discover their fullest potential.

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By establishing Take1 Casting, Director Kathy Uyen wants to help the talent explore new levels of creativities while facing challenges and inspirations that come from the modern industry. Our agency specializes in providing actors, models, hosts, and singers with professional training for advertising projects, movies, TV events, media events. We embrace diversity, change and inclusiveness. We believe we are not just a company, but a community, where we supply our talent & client with full support.

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