Industry & Community Advocacy


"To unify Education, Industries and Communities in order to create sustainable growth for all creatives."

COLAB Vietnam - The first Vietnam-based organization to build and connect the different stakeholders of the local creative eco-system, with its mission of promoting and optimizing sustainable development of the Creative Industry locally and internationally.

Built from a group of people who deeply care about creativity, education, connection and community, COLAB Vietnam wants to be the bridge between education and industry, in order to create sustainable growth for creativity in all fields.

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“Serving The Community Through The Arts”

AMPA Education is an international non-governmental organization which aims to give every child in Asia access to an international standard of creative education through music and the arts.
Our key focus is promoting creative education through the development of Dream Space across the country, where we will build/renovate and provide equipment and the environment for students to be introduced to, and be trained in the arts. Furthermore, we provide support in various forms to less advantaged children, ranging from scholarships, music and arts teacher training to arts donations in-kind. We believe a creative education will enhance the development of the body, mind and soul of our children to help them become holistic citizens with a global mindset and local values.

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The Vietnam International Reggio Emilia Society is a not-for-profit social enterprise focusing on early childhood education. VIRES’s mission is to promote children’s fullest potentials from the very first years of life by sharing and disseminating values that the Reggio Emilia Approach® pursues, in which children are recognized as active citizens and as protagonists in their own development. In Reggio Emilia Approach®, children are encouraged to interact with peers, teachers, family members and others in their community, and to express themselves through their hundred languages.

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The Wild Rhino campaign uses multimedia marketing channels, competitions and firsthand African wildlife experiences, to teach the youth of Vietnam about rhino protection, and to motivate them to become ambassadors for the cause.